Scott (scottyboy01) wrote in the_personals,

Personal Questions -

First Name: Scott

LJ User Name: Scottyboy01

Email Address:

Personal Web Site: I don't have one.

Sex: male

Age: 23

Birthdate: July 25, 1983

Location: New Orleans, La

Marital Status: single

Occupation: CNA at a rahab center

Education: College Grad

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'10"

Ethnicity: white

Sexual Orientation: gay

Do you have children: no

Do you want children: Maybe

How would you rate yourself in looks from 1-10: 7

How would you rate yourself in personality from 1-10: 9

screen names: yahoo:popeye7250, aim:Zsleepwalkerszzz

- Relationship/Friendship Wise -

What kind of person are you looking to meeting? Someone sweet who likes to go out and have fun, but is just as content to sit home, cuddle and watch a movie.

Do you move fast or slow in a relationship? It depends on how things are going.

What is your idea of the perfect partner? Well, someone nice. Not afraid to make a scene if need be. Energetic. Likes to go out, but can also stay in .

What is the first thing you notice about someone? Eyes and smile.

What kind of person are you usually attracted to? No kind in particular. That's not that important.

What kind of person are you usually friends with? Fun people. I like everone, so it doesn't matter.

What physical traits are you looking for in someone? You don't need to be Tom Cruise, but there's gota be something there.

What personality traits are you looking for in someone? Someone honest, easy going, good sense of humor, nice, friendly, out-going.

Want me?
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Sounds good so far...
The rest is too.



August 13 2007, 00:50:36 UTC 10 years ago

Hey Scott,
Are you the same Scott that built a palace in Alphaworld for a girlfriend, way back in 1999?

Just curious...