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Here I am again:)

Here I am again :)
I posted before, met a great guy who turned out to be a liar, cheater etc lol.. so Im back again. Looking for a guy between the ages of 20 and 28 In MA, NH, or Southern Maine.
heres my info again:

First Name: Samantha

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Birthdate: July 23, 1984

Location: Athol, Ma

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: babysitter

Education: Some college for early childhood education (working on my associates degree)

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: Hazel Changes with my mood -- usually brown, or green

Height: 5'6" and a half

Body Build: slightly over weight but cute lol

Ethnicity: White

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Do you have children: No

Do you want children: Yes

How would you rate yourself in looks from 1-10: 6

How would you rate yourself in personality from 1-10: 9

Contact Information: PreciousDstny723 or Sweetsamantha723 {AOL}, single_samantha {Yahoo}, (aim is my primary one though)

What kind of person are you looking to meeting?: A guy I can be friends with at first, and then see what possibly develops later on down the line. I would like a long term, serious relationship with marriage potential.

Partner/Friend(s) Sexual Orientation: straight

Do you move fast or slow in a relationship?: Fast but i'm trying to change that.

What is your idea of the perfect partner?: A man who knows what he wants in a relationship, isn't afraid of commitment, and has a good sense of humor. Some one who can be honest, and wont cheat or lie as i've had my fair share with them lol.

What is the first thing you notice about someone?: the kind of personality they have.

What kind of person are you usually attracted to?: A guy that's older than me {but not by to much}, and has a great personality

What kind of person are you usually friends with?: Anyone. I can get along with everyone

What physical traits are you looking for in someone?: some one 5'7 or taller nice smile, Color and race are not important.

What personality traits are you looking for in someone?: Sweet, kind, funny, down-to-earth, loving, respectful, good sense of humor ( can make me smile and laugh )

that pretty much sums it up I guess, feel free to contact me, i'm and open book so dont be afraid to ask me questions. :)

Have a good week.
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